Naomi Baltuck

Eva is a storyteller of extraordinary talent. Whether folktale or living history, her stories are rich with wisdom and humor. They are delivered with captivating grace and style. Watching and listening to Eva’s performances is a delightful experience.

Lesley Thomas
Author "Flight of the Goose"

To watch and listen to the charismatic storyteller, Eva Abram, is an unforgettable experience. She performs her well-researched, beautifully written tales with wit, irony and passion. She moves and delights audiences of all ages; all the while they are learning about neglected but vital aspects of American history.

Eric Oberg
Audience Member

You are truly a treasure and I feel your work enriches our community.

K.T. Tobiason

Eva’s storytelling is very polished and impressive. Her gentle but forceful delivery draws students in. The content of the tale is powerful. Eva conveys the historical information in a way that touches students’ hearts. I’m especially impressed with Eva’s ability to work with children…her child management skills are excellent.

Mark Barnes
Principal, Frontier Middle School

Eva's presentation was meaningful, entertaining, and engaging, for students and staff alike. Her colorful and powerful stories kept 230 active middle school students' attention for almost an hour, with no electronics! Amazing!