I offer a variety of African/American and multicultural stories to be enjoyed by adults and children, including a Brer Rabbit and Friends program.  They are presented with masterful use of gestures, body language, character voices and expressions that bring characters to life.

Presentation length 45 minutes including Q & A


I offer original solo theatrical performances that are entertaining and engaging for audiences aged six to adult. Actual or composite characters share stories about the making of American history.  The well researched presentations highlight contributions these people made to the growth and strength of our nation.  The presentations are minimally staged, often in costumes appropriate to the time period.  Presentation length 45 minutes including Q & A.

DINAH’S STORY:  The story of a slave’s fate told through the eyes of his wife

ROSA PARKS - QUIET INSPIRATION:  The Montgomery Bus Boycott story

THE DRINKING GOURD  -  A family’s story of the Underground Railroad

THE PLANTATION LIFE OF AUNT ESTHER  -  A kind, elderly woman shares her story about seeing the end of slavery and she shares her hopes for the future

MISS RUBY:  A Civil Rights Story  -  This personal story honors the foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement

BESSIE COLEMAN:  An Aviatrix Reaching for the Sky  -  The story of America’s first internationally licensed pilot

LINDBERGH REVERIE:  Aviator  -  A granddaughter remembering her grandfather’s story about Lindbergh’s famous flight


NETTIE CRAIG ASBERRY:  Activist  -   Nettie Asberry and her husband came to Seattle in 1890, drawn to the Northwest by opportunities offered as a result of Seattle's Great Fire of 1889.  She talks about her involvement in historic events

CHARLES MITCHELL -  A Case of Slavery in the Northwest


SPEECH -  RACISM IN AMERICA:  A History, An Approach to Change


Humanities Washington Speaker’s Bureau 2012 - 2016

Young Audiences Arts for Learning (Oregon and S.W. Washington)