Everyone loves a good story.  I believe people want to learn about each other and the world.   Listening to Storytelling is an excellent way to learn while being entertained.  People are positively affected by stories.  I believe that a well-told story imparts information and arouses emotions.   A good storyteller leaves lasting impacts.  

My mission is to help people connect to their humanity and to each other through stories.

Eva Abram at RAINWATER STORYTELLING offers storytelling and public speaking services for your events and assemblies.  A variety of presentations are available for audiences in schools, libraries, universities, conferences, businesses, museums, and community spaces.  Story and Presentation subjects include:  Folktales/legends, American history stories, Northwest history and Literary stories. 

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"I grew up collecting rainwater, now I collect stories."

I grew up collecting rainwater for household use; that experience taught me that water is essential for life and I believe the same is true of stories.  That is why I named my company RAINWATER STORYTELLING.  Stories nourish human beings, as rainwater nourishes the earth’s plants and animals.  I believe that THE POWER OF STORYTELLING IS UNIVERSAL.(R)  Stories are carried across the globe, connecting us with one another.  They show us that we are alike and how cultures are different and interesting.  The similarities and differences act as bridges to bring us together.

I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  I was born in New Orleans and grew up in a little town called St. Joe.  Surrounded by both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, I grew up being well looked after.  Support from this tight community gave me a good foundation and a determined attitude.  While growing up, I got glimpses and fragments of stories about Brer Rabbit.  All I remember is that he was smart.  I listened as relatives told stories about their experiences at work or encounters in their daily lives.  The lessons of life seeped into me and shaped me.

I moved to Seattle, attended high school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington, Seattle.

I am also an actress and have performed in several theaters in the Seattle area.  My acting skills enhance my storytelling.  
Nominated for a Gregory Award for Best Supporting Actress,  (role as Candylady in Hoodoo Love by Katori Hall.)
Nominated and Won Gypsy Rose Lee Award for Best Supporting Actress (role Candylady role in Hoodoo Love)
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I TELL because I believe human beings need connection.  We all want to connect with one another and to our humanity.  Stories help us make connections.   We need to know and feel that we are one.  As a storyteller, I take you on emotional journeys with stories.  I make characters come alive and audiences experience emotions that help them identify with the story and with each other.  When people experience storytelling, they are experiencing their humanity.

I TELL to contribute positivity to our human existence.  There is a story of a little bird lying on his back with his legs up in the air, feet flat towards the sky.  An elephant comes along and asks, “What are you doing?”  The little bird says, “I heard that the sky might fall and I’m ready to do my part if it does.”  Elephant says, “You’re such a little thing, doing a little thing.  Do you really think you can hold up the sky?”  

“Oh no, not all by myself, but everyone should do what they can and this is what I can do.”

So, I use storytelling to do my part.

I TELL to encourage.  Once a friend asked if I would tell stories at her three-year-old’s birthday party.  I was hesitant because it’s difficult to corral a room full of excited party kids.  She told me that he specifically asked for a storyteller.  So after that, how could I refuse?

It was a success!  He and his little friends were enthralled and when he came up to help tell one of the stories, he was a shining star!

I visited a school in Japan and told stories to students and their parents.  Through an excellent translator, I told the story of The Boy Who Drew Cats (Aaron Shepherd’s version.)  At the end, a woman came and thanked me.  She said, “You gave me encouragement to continue my work.”  What does she do?  She makes cakes - only one kind of cake; just as the boy in the story liked to do only one thing - draw CATS.  She did only one thing; he did only one thing.  The boy was successful and gratified and so was she.

I TELL because of the wonderful people I meet.  We come together and become part of each other’s story.  I feel rich with stories and rich with the people who appreciate storytelling.



I offer a variety of African/American and multicultural stories to be enjoyed by adults and children, including a Brer Rabbit and Friends program.  They are presented with masterful use of gestures, body language, character voices and expressions that bring characters to life.

Presentation length 45 minutes including Q & A


I offer original solo theatrical performances that are entertaining and engaging for audiences aged six to adult. Actual or composite characters share stories about the making of American history.  The well researched presentations highlight contributions these people made to the growth and strength of our nation.  The presentations are minimally staged, often in costumes appropriate to the time period.  Presentation length 45 minutes including Q & A.

DINAH’S STORY:  The story of a slave’s fate told through the eyes of his wife

ROSA PARKS - QUIET INSPIRATION:  The Montgomery Bus Boycott story

THE DRINKING GOURD  -  A family’s story of the Underground Railroad

THE PLANTATION LIFE OF AUNT ESTHER  -  A kind, elderly woman shares her story about seeing the end of slavery and she shares her hopes for the future

MISS RUBY:  A Civil Rights Story  -  This personal story honors the foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement

BESSIE COLEMAN:  An Aviatrix Reaching for the Sky  -  The story of America’s first internationally licensed pilot

LINDBERGH REVERIE:  Aviator  -  A granddaughter remembering her grandfather’s story about Lindbergh’s famous flight


NETTIE CRAIG ASBERRY:  Activist  -   Nettie Asberry and her husband came to Seattle in 1890, drawn to the Northwest by opportunities offered as a result of Seattle's Great Fire of 1889.  She talks about her involvement in historic events

CHARLES MITCHELL -  A Case of Slavery in the Northwest


SPEECH -  RACISM IN AMERICA:  A History, An Approach to Change


Humanities Washington Speaker’s Bureau 2012 - 2016

Young Audiences Arts for Learning (Oregon and S.W. Washington)

Naomi Baltuck

Eva is a storyteller of extraordinary talent. Whether folktale or living history, her stories are rich with wisdom and humor. They are delivered with captivating grace and style. Watching and listening to Eva’s performances is a delightful experience.

Lesley Thomas
Author "Flight of the Goose"

To watch and listen to the charismatic storyteller, Eva Abram, is an unforgettable experience. She performs her well-researched, beautifully written tales with wit, irony and passion. She moves and delights audiences of all ages; all the while they are learning about neglected but vital aspects of American history.

Eric Oberg
Audience Member

You are truly a treasure and I feel your work enriches our community.

K.T. Tobiason

Eva’s storytelling is very polished and impressive. Her gentle but forceful delivery draws students in. The content of the tale is powerful. Eva conveys the historical information in a way that touches students’ hearts. I’m especially impressed with Eva’s ability to work with children…her child management skills are excellent.

Mark Barnes
Principal, Frontier Middle School

Eva's presentation was meaningful, entertaining, and engaging, for students and staff alike. Her colorful and powerful stories kept 230 active middle school students' attention for almost an hour, with no electronics! Amazing!

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